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McKinsey ‘The Power of Us’ Women’s Offsite – Sydney, October 2019

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It was Plato who said “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation”, and Einstein who declared play the “highest form of research”.

I spent the day ‘playing’ in sunny Sydney delivering a keynote and facilitating a literal “all hands” teambuilding, play-based workshop at McKinsey & Company’s 2019 Women’s Offsite – ‘The Power Of Us’.

In wide-ranging conversations on and off stage we touched on visibility, values, teams, leadership, parity, the challenges of systemic bias, Annabel Crabb’s ‘biological disruption’, iceberg theory – and how we better surface our ‘submerged’ selves at work.

Participants used play-based techniques to move toward greater self-awareness, and worked on how they can stretch to their edges to operate at their unique nexus of ikigai. Such absolute power and energy in the room, but the hands-down best part was when participants burst into play during the LEGOSeriousPlay leadership session.

Thanks to McKinsey & Company for having me, and big thanks to muse and play crusader Dara Simkin for The LEGO Group loot 🙂

For more on the Lego Serious Play methodology see here.