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Startups and innovation are messy. I shared the story of what it’s like on the inside at KPMG today alongside Airwallex and Allens.

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You’re operating in the constructive conflict zone – a grey space where pragmatism meets rapid #productivity, there are no straight lines and no maps, and bias to action is rewarded by results: whether positive or negative, the main thing is you’re still moving (and learning) along the way.

Today I shared the startup story of girledworld and the newly launched Future Amp at KPMG for the ‘New Kids On The Block’ innovation series, alongside Rylan Dawes of Airwallex and Kate Woodlock of Allens.

Whilst all three growth and innovation stories had different characters and settings, the reality narrative was the same:

1. Start with a good #problem.

2. Stay problem focussed before jumping to #solution.

3. Get outside the building and inside the lives and minds of your #users.

4. Engage with market stakeholders and gate-keepers early.

5. Build a #team who share your passion for the vision.

6. Adopt an all-in, all-hands approach.

7. Go to market before you’re ready.

8. Let your users lead you to what’s next.


Thanks to KPMG’s Anthony Ozan Idehen and Anthony Hernandez for the great conversation starters – the consensus in the room was that when it comes to innovation, the ‘doing’ not the ‘saying’ is the work that should be done.

Future Amp – a world of work career education platform for students – will launch in 2020.