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When will education catch up to the real world? WEF Report reveals it’s 200+ years behind.

By August 12, 2019October 22nd, 2021No Comments

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We live in an age of #autonomous cars, reusable rockets and #AI, yet we are still teaching in an #education system designed for factory workers 200+ years ago.

Traditional education does not sufficiently cultivate #innovative #entrepreneurial and real-world mindsets – yet creative skills and problem-solving mindsets are indispensable in a workforce that must be responsive to change and capable of finding new solutions to complex global problems.

The #WorldEconomicForum has recently identified social abilities such as coordinating with others and persuasion, as well as complex problem-solving skills, as essential in the knowledge-based workplaces of the near future. (See below).

The results purport that what we should be doing is focussing on skill-building and setting up any learner – be it in compulsory education or #lifelong #learning – for future success.

As Cofounder and CEO of girledworld I get to work with 1000’s of students every year, to give them #futureofwork mindsets, enterprise skillsets and real-world industry problems to solve so they’re gaining the knowledge they need for tomorrow today.

To learn more about girledworld see here.

To read the #WEF report see here.