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Women shifting the dial on leadership, diversity and progress in Australia.

By August 17, 2019October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Some nights you race across town, ascend a lift and land in a room full of humans who restore your faith in real leadership in this country.

A small dinner with big conversations last night about real life, #businessforgood, #ecommerce, #empathy, #economics, logistics, #authentic #leadership, hard-won truths, trade, triumphs, #innovation, reinvention – and what it means and just what it takes to step up, back yourself and lead people to actually shift the dial on #diversity, #impact and business success.

Thank you to Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate for your time, insights and awesome #storytelling, Georgina Byron for gathering the tribe, and to Tabitha Lovett Alison Covington Deanne Keetelaar Caitlin Iles Julie Reilly and Mandy Richards for your great company and conversations. It’s these rare chances to share our collective business and life experiences that build the bridges to new #opportunities, #partnerships and #progress in Australia.

We need much more of it.