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Intrinsic motivation is the key to employee engagement.

By September 17, 2019October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Image courtesy Atlassian blog


Image courtesy Atlassian blog

According to Daniel Pink, best-selling author of ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’, many employers approaches to employee motivation remain largely unchanged despite shifts in the labour market and current global talent wars.

In this insightful recent article from Sarah Goff-Dupont, Principal Writer Atlassian, Pink says there is zero evidence that on-tap kombucha, in-house massages and ping-pong tables are the key to breakthrough innovation, market-dominating products and services, satisfied employees or sustained company growth.

In fact, smart firms are realising their employees’ autonomy, self-direction and personal sovereignty over how they configure their days will improve performance more than carrots or sticks or bonuses or the constant threat of endless restructures.

Creative, purpose-driven, intrinsically motivated people will move toward complex, non-heuristic work, work which is in high demand and which will continue to make them sought-after employees.

And those who do that work will make career and company decisions based on places where there are great people, where they can stretch to the edges of their potential, and where they will be encouraged to explore, inquire, learn and grow as humans, not as Industrial Age worker bees.

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