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The Art Of Pause

By December 9, 2020October 22nd, 2021No Comments

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Don’t know about you, but coming out of months of lockdown and back into the regularity, drudgery (and privilege) of everyday life has been a surprisingly complex transition.

There are parts of lockdown that I miss.

The quietude, space for stillness, less choice, a smaller tribe, reflection, reading, Netflix, poetry, water, long walks, deeper connections to self, friends and family – and mostly, that long-needed chance to finally pause, simplify, take stock – and stop the relentless flywheel of life’s spin for a bit. 🙏🏼

My natural state is to move fast and wide-armed through the world – curious, energetic, untrammelled – gravitating toward people, purpose and projects that ignite me, and taking life in big gulps. That state of being deeply fuels me, but on the flip-side, regularly pushing pause is a skill I am still trying to fully master.

So in these weeks after the months of quietude, I’m trying to hold onto the great lessons that lockdown and this extraordinary year on earth has gifted – surrendering to simplicity, getting back into the seat of ones’ self again, the art of pause, the sorting out of what really matters – and mostly, remembering that every trial is a teacher, and that we didn’t go through all of this for nothing. ✨

What did lockdown teach you?

And how will you hold onto it?

ART courtesy @quotesbychristie