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Time to do a 24-hour live Telethon to catalyse creativity at a time when we need it most. Join us!

By June 23, 2020October 22nd, 2021No Comments

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At this complex time on Earth, and with a bit of 2020 hindsight, it seems we need #creativity more than ever to help us lift, rise, reset and collaborate so we can collectively find a way to think ourselves out of this Humanity 4.0 mess.

So I’m stoked to be joining forces with Mykel Dixon and a melting pot of talented creatives from all over the world including Jules Lund Merinda Garrett Dominic Price Layne Beachley AO Phil Ceberano David Dixon Simon Waller Josie Gibson Lucy Raymond and stacks more to celebrate the official release of ‘Everyday Creative – A Dangerous Guide To Making Magic At Work’.

I’m not sure we’ll accelerate finding a cure for COVID-19, but we WILL be collaborating, innovating and experimenting over a 24-hour LIVESTREAM from 12.00pm June 30 until 12.00pm July 1st!

Think 1980’s telethon meets pandemic isolation anything goes! Think audience dial-ins, music-making, chook raffles and over-sharing. Think random cooking shows, ask me anythings, behind the scenes – and lots of Mykel Dixon straight down the barrel shedding secrets on how to make a living – and a life – through everyday creativity!

Register yourself for this once in a COVID lifetime experiment at this link.

See you in there somewhere!

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To learn more about Mykel Dixon’s work click image above.


To learn more about Mykel Dixon’s work click image above.