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Females In Tech Podcast: Women Having It All With Madeleine Grummet

By August 12, 2020October 22nd, 2021No Comments



I recently chewed the fat about what it’s really like under the hood of building two #startups while spinning the planets of a family of six on the latest episode of The Females In Tech Show by Tamara Johanna Klink of Salesforce.

In this podcast, I unpack #BettyFriedan’s myth of ‘having it all’; get out my toolkit of everyday productivity, sanity and self-care hacks for working from the “Hoffice”; and share how leading with curiosity has enabled us to grow girledworld and Future Amp to give more of today’s students skills and mentors for the jobs of tomorrow.

PLUS I share why I left the then sexist culture of mainstream media and journalism to push out into the world of freelancing, #entrepreneurship and startup #angelinvestment – and to finally find a way to work my way.

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