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Kimberlee Wells is the kind of leader the world needs right now.

By January 16, 2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments



Marketing and advertising can often get a bad wrap … the sizzle of the sell and all that stuff. But the best brand marketers are those who know people don’t buy products – they buy hope and stories that can powerfully change minds and change behaviour, and in turn, change the world.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Kimberlee Wells, award-winning Melbourne CEO of TBWA and one of just 30 global leaders advising Google on the role creativity and technology will play in our future lives.

Kimberlee is an indomitable force for driving positive social change and in our conversation on the Human Cogs podcast, we discuss her childhood experiences of discrimination, the loneliness of leadership, and why impact work is the work that really matters to her.

Kimberlee’s impact has been outstanding to date. Under her leadership, TBWA has worked with brand partners to rally for LGBTIQ rights; champion change for women’s financial inequality; and improve acceptance of Australia’s minority groups.

Recently, Kimberlee also presented at the United Nations General Assembly on the role creative communications has in driving awareness for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Kimberlee is the kind of leader the world needs right now.

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