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Brad Feld, Osher Gunsberg and Lucy Thomas coming up next on Human Cogs podcast!

By April 27, 2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments



When Sabina Read and I took a deep breath and launched the Human Cogs podcast during the midst of Melbourne’s relentless lockdowns while the world reeled in the grip of a global pandemic, we didn’t really know where it would land!

But 9 months, 34 guests and 10’s of 1000’s of listens later, we’ve made the Top Podcast lists for Australia and continue to be both floored and humbled by your ongoing support for these deeply human conversations. ✨

Thank you for your ears, your words and your hearts so far – we love hearing from you, and learning who you’d like us to chat to next! ✖️✖️


We’ve been busy in the studio lately capturing more real, raw and relatable humans stories! 🎙🎧

Episodes dropping next include one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities ▶️ @osher_gunsberg, bullying crusader and founder of @ProjectRockit ▶️ Lucy Thomas, global startup guru and ultra-marathoner ▶️ Brad Feld plus founder of @shebahride (Australia’s leading ride-sharing service for women) and radio host ▶️ George McEncroe.

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