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George McEncroe on raising kids and startups, managing anxiety and serving women through Shebah

George McEncroe is a tech entrepreneur, writer, standup comedian, educator, and force of nature. The single mother of four hates orthodoxies, has a roll up your sleeves ‘can do’ mantra, and has spent her life giving everything a crack to dial up the carpe diem in her every day so she doesn’t die wondering.

In this episode, we hear about  some of the formative experiences that have shaped the adult George is today, including the trauma of losing her beloved sister to suicide, weathering a marriage breakup, mental health challenges, and her commitment to continuous self-reflection and self-improvement so she can build a safe harbour for herself, and those in her fold.

George reflects on the realisation that she is more capable than she ever thought, and also that being overly trusting of others hasn’t always served her well as an entrepreneur. She also shares the ways she has found to calm her mind, by journaling her fears and resentments, meditating, minimising alcohol, and uncoupling herself from her work.

There’s a lot in this conversation, including quite a few F-bombs (sorry about that!). But the truth is it’s a story from the heart – raw, real, and strong. We started by asking George some rapid fire questions, beginning with who she is in the world of biscuits.


Hosts: Sabina Read and Madeleine Grummet
Guest: George McEncroe
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Technical Producer: Daryl Missen at Purple Wax

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