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Kai Lovel on outliers, opting out of education and taking on the world at 17.

From a young age, Kai Lovel has been curious. After school each day, he’d race home to take apart old computers, build robots, gorge on YouTube tutorials, and feed his insatiable appetite for the why and how of things.

Kai realised pretty quickly that he was drawn to the internet. And each week would research and test a new online platform or app, build websites for the fun of it, digital sales funnels for the hell of it, and systems for the challenge of it.

Kai channelled those passions into projects along the way. By the age of 12 he was hosting his own radio show, by 15 he had built 4 businesses, taken the stage with TED Talks, and last year aged 16, he decided he was learning more in the world than he was in school, and decided to opt out of formal education altogether.

He is currently living and working in Perth, not yet an adult, and yet advising companies, clients and organisations on product strategy, growth marketing and what the world looks like from a 17 years old’s vantage point.

Kai is in many ways an outlier. Someone daring to chart waters that aren’t mapped. He is insightful, intensively curious, smart as, and has digital in his DNA.

This conversation will blow you away, challenge your beliefs about the holders of wisdom and who’s designing the world, and restore your faith in the next generation.

The good news? We’re in very good hands with thinkers, doers and darers like Kai in the world.



Hosts: Sabina Read and Madeleine Grummet
Guest: Kai Lovel

Technical Producer: Daryl Missen at Purple Wax

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