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Scott Watters on outliers, AFL and stepping into the arena.

There are lots of things we assume about people who are outliers. People who have gone beyond the everyday, achieved extraordinary success, and who completely and undeniably stand out from the rest of us.

Scott Watters is one of those people.

From his Huckleberry Finn childhood exploring holiday islands and looking for adventure, to tens of thousands of hours playing sport in his youth, Scott pushed to get the absolute best out of himself which led him to a successful VFL and then AFL career, and ultimately to the helm of the St Kilda Football Club as head coach.

But what happened next challenged him.

In this conversation, I talk with Scott about his Croatian-Australian heritage, his talent and drive – is it born or built?, about success and failure and where growth and learning come from when you actually step into the arena to face crisis – and how absolute adversity helps you find your gift when you’re in the midst of the perfect storm.

Scott knows this all too well. As the Founder and CEO of the national LifeChanger Foundation, his organisation works to help students connect with inspiring mentors to share, repair, connect and build life-affirming skills at moments of clear challenge.

In our chat, Scott has some great tips on what parents can do to recognise and find the hero in their kids, and shares his advice on what can give us all connection and clear space in moments of anxiety.

There is so much in this conversation that we can all use to change our own lives and stories, no matter who we are, where we are, or where we’re at.


Host: Madeleine Grummet

Guest: Scott Watters

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