The Human
Cogs Podcast.

Explore universal human truths and start the candid conversations we need to have.

Human Cogs is about real conversations that …


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Get under the skin of things

Humans Cogs is a top rating podcast that explores universal human truths, starts the candid conversations we need to have, and gets beneath the skin of things.

Hosted by renowned psychologist and media contributor Sabina Read, and award-winning entrepreneur and journalist Madeleine Grummet, each episode features raw conversations with extraordinary guests who reveal what makes them tick, share lessons on living and loving well, and challenge what we think we know about ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Stories to shake your status quo

Human Cogs informs, entertains, educates and uses conversation, culture and richly Australian storytelling to bring extraordinary ordinaries up into the light. Human Cogs is a point of universal human connection for us all – celebrating and reflecting the things that bring us together, and the things that tear us apart.

Untold stories we need to hear,
conversations we need to have.