Venture Capital
+ Angel Investor.

Madeleine is an award-winning education technology entrepreneur, startup mentor, 2020 Amazon Web Services Scout and angel and venture capital investor (Flying Fox Ventures, Working Theory Angels, IIG, SheEO and private sector).

Madeleine is passionate about unlocking founder talent to give early-stage companies the fuel they need to succeed.

Venture Capital + Angel Investor

Madeleine is an award-winning education technology entrepreneur, startup mentor, 2020 Amazon Web Services Scout and angel and venture capital and Angel  investor (Flying Fox Ventures, Startmate, Blackbird Giants, SheEO and private sector). Madeleine is passionate about unlocking latent capital to give early stage companies and audacious founders the runway they need to succeed.

Flying Fox Ventures

Mads is an early stage investor with Flying Fox Ventures. Headed by founding partners and total dynamos Rachael Neumann and Kylie Frazer, Flying Fox Ventures is shaking up the traditional VC model with a rolling early stage capital investment fund propelling Australian and New Zealand tech companies across the globe. Check out the current portfolio.

Amazon Web Services

Mads scouts the ecosystem for high potential, early-stage startups and stand-out founders who could benefit from a boost with AWS credits, mentorship and extra runway fuel. Reach out here if you think you could benefit.

Startmate Mentor + Investor

Mads is a Startmate Mentor and Investor working with Australia and New Zealand’s best and brightest founders to unleash ambition, and supercharge their startup success.

Startmate accelerates the most ambitious founders, operators and investors through their programs, propelled by a highly-trusted mentor-driven community, and backed by the best angels, venture funds and tech startups in the region. Over the past decade Startmate has invested in 170+ startups, with a collective portfolio value of $2 billion.

Medtech + MRI PRO

Mads is a private investor across the MedTech sector; a Director and investor in MRIPro – a HealthTech Startup backed by Movember; an investor in Access Telehealth (Dr Me); and a shareholder in ICON.

Madeleine also provides startup mentorship and funding advice to founders at Blackbird Giants, The City of Melbourne, Foundation for Young Australians Young Social Pioneers, Everwise, MAP, InnovatEd, The University of Melbourne, Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship, Startup Sprint and Melbourne Business School MBA (Entrepreneurship).

SheEO Global Investor

SheEO is a multi-national community of women set to radically transform how we finance, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs.

Since launching in 2015, 3000 women Activators in three countries have collectively loaned out $3M to support 32 women-led Ventures. The goal is to reach 1M women Activators and a $1B perpetual fund which will support 10,000 women-led Ventures each year for generations to come.

VC Catalyst – University of Melbourne Executive Education Scholarship 2019

“I think for our startup ecosystem to flourish, we need more female investors, more venture-backed female founders and a greater push for impact funding to solve the biggest social problems of our age.”

In 2019 Madeleine received a full scholarship to an immersive one-week VC investment executive education program called VC Catalyst backed by LaunchVic. This Program aims to build Angel and VC investor capabilities to transform Victoria’s startup investor landscape through a multi-part Investor Education Program delivered by the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship, and designed by leading global academics and fund experts for active investors to gain best practice tools and skills for high-yield portfolio structuring and successful venture capital investment strategic decision-making.

Delivered by a world-class selection of VC experts and practitioners from Melbourne Business School, Stanford University GSB, Berkley’s Haas School of Business, Amazon, Blackbird Ventures, BBG Ventures, Qualgro, Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre, Rampersand, Trawalla Group, StartupAUS, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Airtree Ventures, Blue Sky Investments and more, this is a practical education immersive enabling greater investment acumen and access to a network of Australia’s most innovative and diverse entrepreneurial minds.

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